Thursday, August 6, 2009


The BLACK PUNK CHICAGO COMMIE FLY-SWATTER-n-CHIEF supposedly an erstwhile constitutional attorney has committed a series of FELONIES by encouraging citizens to 'snitch' on fishy comments about his HEALTH CARE SHIT LEGISLATION!!! Say it ain't so DUMB SHITHEAD 'BIG-EAR' BARRY. NOW TELL AMERIKA YOU AIN'T BROKE ITS LAWS!!! Ha. This ASSHOLE MOTHER-FOOKER IS EVEN STOOPIDER THAN VEEP JOE'its-a-hair-transplant-not-a-brain-implant-rhetorical-flourishes-outta-all-my-buttholes-when-ise-aint-doin-cocaine-with-my-daughter'BIDEN WHO CLAIMS ALSO TO BE A LEGAL SCHOLAR!!! Ha. Two DEMBHOLE DOUCHESBAGS - ONE STOOPIDER THAN THE OTHER!!! Well ERIC HOLDER [bought-and-paid-for-corrupt AG - what are you waiting for you DUMB SHIT DO YOUR JOB!!!] An administration of 'TRANSPARENCY' right - TRANSPARENT FRAUDS/FELONS/THIEVES!!! So much for Harvard Law. The SHITHEAD BLACK PUNK 'the OBAMA' is in violation ofTHE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974
5 U.S.C. § 552a - some fooked-up legal expurt eh???!!! Ha.

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